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My Bing Maps and SharePoint Mash up Part 1 Preparation

So recently I have been learning as much .NET/SharePoint development as time permits and at a recent Microsoft event I saw some really nice demo’s using a combination of Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 along with the Bing Maps SDK. This got me searching and I found a few good examples, however most had snippets of code and explanations and none really stepped through the requirements from start to finish with a working example.

Therefore I am going to try and provide a more comprehensive overview of what I did and how its working, note I am not a seasoned developer so if you can improve on my code I’m happy to hear it!.


So I am going to assume you have your SharePoint 2010 Development Environment up and running already.

Required things you’re going to need on top of that are:

I then prepared my SharePoint environment and populated the data I was going to integrate with the Bing Map.

The first thing I did was create a new Picture Library called Logos. I then populated it with some brand names we are all familiar with. By the way Burger King is called Hungry Jacks here.

The next step was to create a list that would contain the data I was going to use I called this one FastFood it has the following columns:

An example of a list entry looks like this:

To get the longitude and latitude load Bing Maps in internet explorer and find the address you want to add and type javascript:map.getCenter(); into the address bar and you will receive the Longitude and Latitude.

The last thing to get ready before cracking open Visual Studio is our Bing Maps API Key, you can generate this by signing up here and inputting the URL, you will need this to ensure you get no errors.

In Part 2 we will look at getting our Visual Studio project created and the required XAML operational.

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