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SharePoint 2013: New List Promoted Links

Today I was looking through the list of out of the box “Apps” in SharePoint 2013 and came across the Promoted Links App.

The description of the App is “Use this list to display a set of link actions in a tile based visual layout”.

It was soon obvious that this list allows you to create your own interface much like “Get Started with your site” that is shown on all new team sites:

To set this up, just follow the following quick guide:

  • Click on the settings menu and select “Add an app”.
  • Locate the Promoted Links App, click on the icon and then give the app a name.
  • Once the app has been installed, navigate to it either by the icon, or the quick launch. You will land in the app with the view set to “Tiles”. The app will let you know that you need to switch over to another view to be able to add content to the app.
  • When in the All Promoted Links view simply add some new items linked to images and SharePoint will take care of the rest.

When you switch back to tiles view you will see your newly created tile:


If you have selected the optionDialog from launch behaviour:

You will end up with a great modal pop-up of what you link to:

You can even load external websites inside these dialogues so your user is not taken away from the site:

And of course you can add the list as a web part on another page:

Finally, when you hover over once of the tiles the tile changes to show you the description of the link item.


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